Golden Creme
by Relief, Inc.  

Got Pain? Get Relief!

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For persistent pain, such as arthritis

Use Golden Creme on affected areas four times a day for ten to 14 days, for the initial treatment. Adjust usage to fit your needs after initial treatment.

For occasional muscle stiffness and pain

Apply Golden Creme with very gentle massage, wait 45 minutes to an hour and re-apply. The muscle should be dramatically easier to manipulate. Unlike other rubs, you may use a heating pad or hot water bottle if desired.

For nighttime leg cramps, apply Golden Creme just before going to bed.

For morning stiffness, use Golden Creme before getting out of bed, and remain prone for a few minutes.

Before physical therapy or exercise

Apply Golden Creme ten to 15 minutes before beginning and again when finished. The increased blood flow helps reduce the risk of injury and reduces soreness in the muscles.