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Our customers and their word-of-mouth advertising are the best publicity any company could ask for. We please read for yourself what our loyal users of GOLDEN CREME have shared with us, in their own words.


Dear Relief family,
This is just a note to express my sincere thanks to you for creating GOLDEN CREME! I used it this morning on a crick in my neck.; twice applying it, and before noon, it was noticeably improved. I cannot remember getting relief as quickly with ANY OTHER product I've used in the past. GOLDEN CREME is now a part of my daily routine and I believe it's the most beneficial treatment for my aches and pains.
Melody M, Powder Springs, GA


I am very excited about GOLDEN CREME I have used it on my back when I was limping with lower back pain and within SECONDS I was walking without a limp and with hardly any pain. I was in a wreck recently and had mild whiplash. My neck muscles were very sore. I applied the GOLDEN CREME and the pain subsided right away. I also have seen great results with my friends who have used it on sore muscles and arthritic hands and feet. Thanks for a product that will be a help to many hurting people.
Connie B., Fayetteville, GA

My wife and I are Square Dancers, and we were having pain in our legs and feet (we dance four nights each week!)
Someone told us about GOLDEN CREME and after using it for about a week, the pain has gone! We like GOLDEN CREME because it has no unpleasant smell and it really works!
Mary & Frank B., Douglasville, GA

Thank you for making your product. My husband and I have arthritis. I have it in my hands, and he has it in his back and shoulders. We applied the creme, and it relieved our pain right away. This is such a blessing.
Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs Roy F., Douglassville, TX


Dear Relief, Inc.,
I seldom write letters to companies, but I'm sorry I've been this long in acknowledging the gift of GOLDEN CREME and what it's meant to me and my family. I thank you so very much for coming up with a product that helps my pain. I have my worst pain at night. I put it on my hands the first night I received it before going to bed (they were hurting), and the pain soon eased off. Then a couple of other nights the pain woke me from my sleep, and I got up, rubbed GOLDEN CREME on my hands, and they soon were without the aches and pain that awakened me. I feel this product does work and works WELL!
Lovingly in Christ, Helen B.


To: Relief, Inc.
I have used GOLDEN CREME and I am very pleased with it. I could not sleep at night because of arthritic pain in my shoulders. But after applying GOLDEN CREME to the effected area, I received quick relief. I have used other products for arthritic pain, but none worked as well and as fast as this product. I would recommend GOLDEN CREME to anyone who suffers from arthritis.
Lila Belle B., Marietta, GA


I am writing this letter in regard to GOLDEN CREME. I have just come into this cream through a friend that said it was very good. Here are some things that I have found it to be good for with regular use. I have found that it is good for headaches. Just rub some on your forehead and in the temple area real good. It relaxes the tension. GOLDEN CREME is also good for aches and pain I have also found that it is good for back and leg pain, or a foot massage after a hot bath, since the heat helps penetrate the creme. Also if you walk and stand a lot, it is good for legs and feet. Just massage into your calves and feet. I would recommend GOLDEN CREME highly for anyone with pain.
Thank you, C. Stanfield

My name is Dr. Schileru. I am a Doctor of Medicine, my specialty is urology. Eight years ago I had to stop practicing medicine because of my arthritis. On January 7, 1993, [the makers of GOLDEN CREME] asked if I would evaluate a formulation [they] had developed. this formulation consisted of a typical emulsion preparation with the addition of small amounts of proprietary essential oils which [they] shared with me. All of the components of GOLDEN CREME have been available in "over the counter" preparations for many years. Convinced of its total safety, I agreed to test the efficacy of the preparation.

My physical condition on January 7, 1993 [could] be described as unacceptable. I had swelling, pain, reduced mobility, numbness, instability (balance), and difficulty sleeping. The affected areas were feet, wrists, fingers, elbows, neck, and back. The swelling and pain were particularly acute in the wrists.

I decided to continue using the 100mg/day of Voltaren I had been using. I started using GOLDEN CREME on all the affected areas, except the thoracic, lumbar, and coccygeal vertebrae. On the first day, the pain disappeared IMMEDIATELY (in less than one minute) coming back in four to six hours. The daily routine consisted of applications of the cream morning and evening, combined with 100mg/day of Voltaren. After the first week, the swelling and pain disappeared permanently. On the tenth day, I decided to reduce the applications of GOLDEN CREME to once a day and cut the dosage of Voltaren from 100mg/day to 25mg/day.

I continued this treatment regimen until today, Feb. 22, 1993. My condition at present is generally acceptable. I have no pain or swelling in my feet, wrists, elbows, fingers, or neck. I still have reduced mobility and instability, but I now sleep well through the night

I am a native of Romania and have lived in the USA and Europe. I currently live in Istanbul because it is economical, and I have access to the hot mineral baths that give relief to my condition. I normally cannot stay away for more than a month or so lest my arthritis becomes even more debilitating and painful. GOLDEN CREME has allowed me to extend my absence from the baths for more than two months at a time. Also Europe does not have the severe restrictions that the FDA imposes on the US, so many more products are available. One of these products is a cream or gel produced in Germany which contains dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) in a fairly high concentration. I have used this & experienced some pain relief for 4 hours duration. But there was no cumulative effect and no apparent reduction in swelling like I receive with GOLDEN CREME. Using the German product my skin after several days became dry and cracked around the treated areas. My experience with GOLDEN CREME is just the opposite. The pain and swelling are gone, and my skin is soft and healthy.

My conclusion about GOLDEN CREME is that it is an ex`excellent treatment for arthritis providing short term and long term relief from the pain and swelling associated with arthritis.
Respectfully Submitted, Grigore Schileru, M.D.

NOTE: Voltaren is the trade name owned by Ciba-Giegy for Diclofenac Sodium, an anti-inflammatory.
PS. After five days of GOLDEN CREME application morning and evening on the thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine, my pain is negligible. 2/27/93


I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your product, GOLDEN CREME. This product has been very good for me...With the hard work and stress of each day, my body seems to ache more often. Well your special lotion "GOLDEN CREME" eases the pain. Again thank you for introducing me to your fine pain reliever.
Samuel C.


In January 2003 I purchased my first jar of GOLDEN CREME. When I began to use the product, I kept it on the table beside my place on the couch. I used the cream on my hands, morning and night, to relieve the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

By March of the same year, I noticed that I was able to lift two dinner plates, one in each hand. Formerly, it would have taken both hands just to carry one plate.

The GOLDEN CREME is no longer on my table, because I only need to use it a few times a week instead of twice a day. THANK YOU for easing my pain!
Wynell M., Smyrna


Recently my brother gave me a bottle of your GOLDEN CREME to try for my arthritis. I would like for you to know that this product gave me immediate relief within 30 seconds after application!
Many thanks!
Nancy B., Granado, TX


I have used GOLDEN CREME and I can tell a big difference with the pain in my back. I have a degenerative disc in the area of L4S1. GOLDEN CREME gives me more mobility.
Frank P., Powder Springs, GA


Since I started using the GOLDEN CREME on my hands, it has helped me a lot. I still have stiffness, but the pain is gone ! I couldn't sleep at nite because I had pain in my hands. Now I can sleep. I will keep using GOLDEN CREME as it helps my hands a lot and I'm telling all my neighbors about your cream. THANK YOU!
James C., Bruno, NE


Dear Relief:
I want to tell you how much your healing GOLDEN CREME has helped me. I have arthritis real bad in both my hands. They had gotten so sore I could hardly use them. My grandson brought me a small jar of GOLDEN CREME, and I began massaging them twice a day. And in just a few days, I could tell a difference. Now after a couple of weeks, the soreness is gone, and I can use my hands again! I can't say enough about GOLDEN CREME! Thanks so much.
Doris M., Dalton, GA


Dear Relief, Inc.,
I am writing to you concerning your product, GOLDEN CREME. As a runner I occasionally get sore muscles from runs or workouts. Applying your cream to the sensitive areas gives me immediate relief. I would definitely recommend your product to fellow runners.
Sincerely, Joseph A., Roswell, GA


I was astonished by the results I received from GOLDEN CREME. I woke with a crick in my neck and rubbed the creme on the area. Within a short time I was relieved of pain. GOLDEN CREME does work and gives immediate relief within minutes. Thanks for introducing me to your product.
Pat C., Douglasville, GA

-------------------------------------------------------------- March 10, 2003

Dear Relief, Inc.,
In my 40 years of teaching and playing golf, I have used and heard many golfers use various creams for sore golf muscles, but none have been as effective as GOLDEN CREME.

Since I have been using your product after each practice or round of golf, I have eased, if not completely eliminated, my sore, arthritic joints. My wife also loves GOLDEN CREME after a day of gardening or exercising.

Thank you for providing a product that gives us such great relief.
John M. Spiroplaus, PGA Master Professional Powder Springs, GA


Dear Relief,
Thank you for inventing GOLDEN CREME! I want to tell you how GOLDEN CREME has improved my life. I am 39 years old, married with a 10 year old son.

I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis almost two years ago and suffered with the disease undiagnosed a year before that. Serious pain, stiffness and swelling of the joins of my wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, and knees are now part of my daily life. My hands are consistently in pain. The disease has sapped me of my energy and forced me to give up running, quilting, skiing with my family, and quit my job as a pre-school teacher.

My doctor has prescribed a series of many different medications, including painkillers and steroids. Because of the harmful side effects of the steroids, I decided to stop taking them with the help of my doctor. The pain returned. The worst part was that the pain prevented me from sleeping, which, in turn, exacerbated the disease. It was at this time that I started using GOLDEN CREME. I used it several times a day on my hands and always before bedtime on my knees and feet, as well as my hands. I couldn't believe it when I was able to fall asleep and get the rest I so badly needed!

Now I take GOLDEN CREME with me wherever I go and apply it when I wash my hands and/or when the pain returns. I am so grateful for the amazing GOLDEN CREME.
Happily yours, Jodi S.


Dear Relief,
We received our 2 oz. jar of GOLDEN CREME and it was fantastic. [My husband]'s lower back could not be operated on so we have to rely on the creme. The GOLDEN CREME works so well into the skin and does a better job of pain relief for a longer period than anything we've tried. I had a finger that cold not flex when opening my hand. I used to straighten it out manually. After using the GOLDEN CREME, the swelling disappeared overnight, and now my finger is as good as new.

I have received relief in two other places on my body and they are now rid of pain. We are so thankful for GOLDEN CREME.
Many thanks,
Betty L., Due West, SC


A GOLDEN CREME Testimonial from Minnie W.

It is my pleasure to tell you that GOLDEN CREME is a great analgesic rub for those of us who have arthritis. Make no mistake that it will cure, but it does help eliminate the pain for a period of time.

I am thrilled with the thought that this creme will get me through many hours without terrible discomfort so many of us have. Please ask your pharmacy to carry this great product. No prescription necessary.

I can attest to the fact that GOLDEN CREME does work! Don't misunderstand, it is not a cure, but it at least gives some relief from the pain we suffer from on a daily basis. My hat is off to the folks who created this great product.

Sincerely, Minnie W.


GOLDEN CREME has greatly helped the pain in my left foot that is caused by a chronic tenosynovitis of the flexor hallucis longus tendon of three years duration following a slip and fall in September of '90. My foot has caused me a lot of discomfort these last three years. I can always feel a hardness when I move my foot medially, but it's not always painful unless I walk on it too much.

GOLDEN CREME has been the most effective treatment so far. My physician, Jerry Morris of the Gulf Coast Injury and Impairment Evaluation Center, had me use one of the OTC topical preparations (I used Icy/Hot) with DSMO" but it always burned for some time afterward, and I found the sensation unpleasant.

I also recently tried Dr's Cream for arthritis but it had the same burning effect. GOLDEN CREMEis cool and soothing and seems to last longer. I usually use it twice a day, sometimes three times if I'm on my foot a lot and the effect seems to last and control the discomfort. I'm currently using the GOLDEN CREME in conjunction with Motrin and that's working well. My physician had me on steroids and then on Dolobid. All work as long as I'm not walking extensively on it.

I also write for the publication "Mature Lifestyles," and we would like to do a feature story about you and the development of your product. Best wishes for the success of GOLDEN CREME. It's a wonderful product.
Sincerely, Alice Mack, R.N., Fort Myers, FL


The following is an unsolicited testimonial to the benefits I have received from the use of GOLDEN CREME. I am a 73 year old female. Approximately three years ago I started using GOLDEN CREME.

I originally used GOLDEN CREME to relieve the pain from a previous neck injury. Application of GOLDEN CREME to the sore and swollen muscles in my neck completely alleviated the pain by relaxing the muscles. The pain completely disappears, and I no longer have the headaches caused by this tense muscle.

Recently I have had arthritic-like pain in both my shoulders. GOLDEN CREME has completely alleviated the pain in my left shoulder and both thumbs. The relief is almost instant in all of the areas I have mentioned, eliminating the use of any pain killers and allowing me to sleep soundly through the night. I am unable to take more than the prescribed baby aspirin a day due to a heart condition. Ibuprofen sparingly is all I am allowed. An unexpected benefit was derived from using GOLDEN CREME this past summer. I was awakened during the night with a terrible itch on my inside forearm caused by an apparent spider bite. Since the GOLDEN CREME was on the bedside table, I rubbed it on the bite, getting immediate relief! I have been using GOLDEN CREME since then for bites and minor skin injuries of all kinds.

I keep GOLDEN CREME with me on trips and sincerely hope I am NEVER without it. I drive exclusively on long trips since my husband has had a stroke. GOLDEN CREME has eliminated my neck and shoulder problems, thus allowing me to accomplish this.

I am very grateful to the person or persons who have made GOLDEN CREME available and am constantly recommending it to my friends.

Sincerely, Vernia F., Tucker, GA


March 11, 2003
Dear Relief, Inc.,
Thank you for the GOLDEN CREME. While I hope never to be sore enough to need all the muscles, and I are most grateful.

Warm regards,
Sidney Sheldon, Palm Springs, CA


I have been using the GOLDEN CREME my son-in-law Bud got from you. My left knee has never felt better! I use it at night just before going to bed, and in the mornings after I shower, I put the cream on before dressing & going to work. It has helped so much. It isn't nearly as painful as it was. It used to hurt so bad when I'd get up from my desk.

I haven't been awakened during the night because of pain since using GOLDEN CREME. Before I used GOLDEN CREME, it wasn't unusual to wake up several times during the night. I am so thankful Bud brought me a jar of your cream. Have used it every night & morning since I got it. Just wanted to say thank you and have a nice day.

Annis B., Douglasville, GA