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GOLDEN CRÈME delivers relief to the source of irritation

The FDA reports that vasodilation (or the expansion of vascular walls to increase blood flow) is highly beneficial in relieving arthritis pain. Vasodilators alone, however, can't do the job. They must be delivered through the skin to the source of the irritation. Since 1992 the chemists at Relief, Inc. have been refining and producing a revolutionary new topical analgesic formula that accomplishes this task. The product is GOLDEN CRÈME. ™

GOLDEN CRÈME™ was developed by a Columbia University Ph.D. and his post-graduate chemist son for the treatment of their wife's & mother's osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis. They discovered by significantly increasing the blood flow to the painful area (vasodilation), their wife & mother's pain and swelling were dramatically reduced. Vasodilation is the key to GOLDEN CRÈME'S success with countless Arthritis Today readers who order and reorder regularly. The active ingredient in GOLDEN CRÈME™, Histamine Dihydrochloride, is an FDA-approved vasodilator for the treatment of arthritis pain. It combines with a deeply penetrating formula to produce an extremely effective topical analgesic. When used 2-4 times per day for the first 10 days of treatment, the process of vasodilation increases healing and decreases inflammation, thereby stopping the pain. Hundreds of Customer Testimonials. Relief, Inc. has been overwhelmed by the letters from satisfied customers who credit GOLDEN CRÈME™ with easing their pain. Here are some typical examples:

"Since early '94 my husband and I have found multiple uses for GOLDEN CRÈME: arthritic discomfort, leg cramps, muscle aches and soreness. It hasn't failed us yet. In a matter of minutes, you get a mild, friendly relief."
-Joe & Pollye H., Tennessee

"Thanks to GOLDEN CRÈME, I have no pain or swelling in my feet, wrists, elbows and fingers…It is an excellent treatment for arthritis, providing short-term and long-term relief. I recommend it to my own patients."
-Grigore S. M.D., Romanian / Georgia physician

"I have been using GOLDEN CRÈME™ for several months. With complications from a total knee replacement, GOLDEN CRÈME™ has given me instant relief. It has proven to be the only thing I've tried that really works."
-Genevieve O., Florida

"I find that this is the best topical analgesic rub I've ever used to relieve my pain from Fibromyalgia."
-Oleta O., ARTHRITIS TODAY reader

Easy to Use. GOLDEN CRÈME™ is extremely healthy for and gentle on your skin. The greaseless formula penetrates to the source of your pain in minutes, leaving your skin clean, refreshed, and smooth.

Although GOLDEN CRÈME™ is not a cure, it can provide tremendous relief.

No Locker Room Stench. Regular customers report an added bonus to using Relief's product - its light eucalyptus fragrance that fades quickly. Unlike other analgesics on the market, GOLDEN CRÈME™ can be applied and still be able to smell your perfume or cologne. You don't have to sacrifice your signature scent for the sake of pain relief!

Money Back Guarantee. With GOLDEN CRÈME™'s 100% Money Back Guarantee, all you have to lose is the pain. Relief, Inc. will EVEN refund your shipping & handling charges.