Golden Creme
by Relief, Inc.  

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Golden Creme is a topical analgesic that addresses pain associated with the lower back, with sore muscles and joints, and with arthritis and fibromyalgia. The active ingredient is histamine dihydrochloride—the hydrochloride salt of histamine. This FDA approved compound is a vasodilator. The carrier cream, designed to penetrate through all dermis and lipid layers of the skin, reaches the muscles and joints quickly and effectively to provide soothing relief.

The goal of Relief, Inc. was to produce an analgesic for use with applied heat (hot towels, wax, or heating pad) that would not react on sensitive skin with the extreme, sometimes blistering effect associated with similar dressings. Their final result was an effective analgesic that not only produces no redness or skin irritation with applied heat but that, for most aches and pains, requires no applied heat at all.